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A review of the threat setup for the Murray darling basin

Natural resources rank as one of the most treasured assets that should be given a high priority especially when it comes to conservation practices. With the added stress on the resources available, the concept of ensuring survival is a struggle against time and this is why consolidated efforts come in handy in the process. The Murray darling basin is arguably the biggest resource for agriculture in Australia and its decline in terms of productivity and potential is worrying. The main issue being a consolidation of efforts towards achieving the greater good, the basin should be protected at all costs if the agricultural potential is to be harnessed and maintained for years to come. The threats that have manifested in recent years include;

Climate change is massively affecting the Murray darling basin through reduction of water levels and capacity that can sustain the utilization capacity that is in waiting. The basin serves a huge number of beneficiaries and they increase in number with each passing day. With climate change not doing the basin any favors in the survival bid, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain productivity along the path of agriculture. Climate change is also responsible for the aspect of food insecurity which places further stress on the river basin as the only source of agricultural produce due to a reduction in the area of arable land.

This is one major threat to the ecosystem and it is one the authorities need to look at very carefully as it poses a major risk to the basin. The over-extraction of water from the river is the leading cause of a reduced capacity in eh same which is also leading to probable extinction of the basin potential. In the yesteryears when the threshold capacity of the basin was not exceeded, there was enough water for use in the irrigation plots and also for the continued survival of the basin but the increased stress on the water is threatening a destruction of the ecosystem. The potential of the Murray darling basin squarely lies on how the management of water will be handled and how the ecosystem will be balanced in the same wavelength.

As much as there is need for an increased level of agricultural production to cushion the food security status that is entrenched in the Millennium development goals, overexploiting the land and water resources proves to be an unworthy venture since it will further bring individuals to the risk of food insecurity. The improper application of agricultural practices is the factor threatening the Murray darling basin since it is leading to over exploitation of the resource in a bid to increase production which in turn reduces the potential of the same basin.

These factors are massively threatening the resource and they are part of the risk factor that can cause a dire situation in terms of the ability of the individuals in and around the area to have a sustainable operation in food security.